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Young People's Stories

young woman smelling flowersScarlett

“I began my support after my guidance teacher at High School in S3/4 suggested I do so. I struggled to make friends and I had an abusive relationship with my mum who was a single parent to seven children. I then left home at 16 and if it were not for the support I received from the HOT team I would not have been able to cope both financially and emotionally with the changes that occurred.

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young-woman-blonde-hair-looking-out Sally, 14

(Sally asked her session worker to help write her story down. The photo is posed by model - sourced from Unsplash)

Sally’s Mum has on-going, major health issues. She struggles with domestic abuse and misuses legal and illegal substances. In her Mum’s home, Sally had to cook meals, clean, care for her Mum, do washing and keep the house running.
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Bird on a branch, darkening skyInspiring ways
to deal with difficult feelings...

The poem below was written by a young woman who experienced trauma.  She hopes that “many more people will work through creative ways to release their pain and discomforts”.

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