Volunteer with us

Health Opportunities Team really values the contribution of our volunteers.

We welcome volunteers of all ages and are keen to support young people who wish to gain experience.

We will seek to recruit volunteers in line with our Equal Opportunities and Safer Recruitment Policies.

Current volunteering roles:

Administration Volunteers

Drop-in Volunteering

Feel Good Group Volunteers

Gardening Volunteers

Group Work Volunteers

Trustees: Become a member of our Board

Volunteer Coordinator Opportunity

Recruiting Volunteers

Just get in touch if you are interested in volunteering with us (see available roles above) and you will be invited for an informal interview with the appropriate contact person.

You will be given general information about Health Opportunities Team’s services and specific information on the volunteer post in which you are interested.

If you are accepted for a role which allows direct contact with young people, we will request that you undergo a Disclosure Scotland check. Disclosure information will always be dealt with in the strictest confidence. Note that possession of a criminal record will not necessarily prevent a person from being offered voluntary work.

All volunteers receive an induction to Health Opportunities Team. If you are successful in getting a volunteer role with us, you will be given a clear understanding of responsibilities and you will get a Volunteer Agreement (this document is not a contract).


All volunteers will have their travel and other out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed (although we always need receipts). Volunteers are entitled to up to £4 a day for travel, and up to £3.50 a day for lunch costs (for each day they are working at least four hours). Volunteers can donate their expenses to Health Opportunities Team if they do not wish to claim them.

Support and training

All volunteers will have a named person as their main point of contact. Volunteers will be provided with appropriate training and development opportunities. Volunteers will be given regular support meetings at which to feedback on progress, explain any problems and discuss future development.


All volunteers are covered by Health Opportunities Team’s insurance policy while they are on the premises or engaged in any work on Health Opportunities Team’s behalf. This should not be confused with motor vehicle or other types of insurance.

Health & Safety

Volunteers will be made aware of our Health and Safety Policy. A copy is contained in the Volunteer Handbook. Volunteers are expected to follow the Health and Safety procedures at all times, and will be made aware of emergency exits, fire assembly points and the location of first aid kits. Volunteers must inform Health Opportunities Team about any pre-existing injuries or health conditions (e.g. allergies) that may affect their work.

Equal Opportunities & Workplace Respect

Health Opportunities Team has an Equal Opportunities & Workplace Respect Policy which applies to both paid staff and volunteers. In line with this policy, volunteers are expected to treat all members of staff, volunteers and service users with respect.


Volunteers are bound by the same confidentiality requirements as paid staff. The rules for maintaining confidentiality are explained in Health Opportunities Team’s Confidentiality Policy. A copy is contained in the Volunteer Handbook.


Health Opportunities Team will aim to resolve any problems regarding a volunteer’s role as early as possible. Volunteers have the right to voice any of their concerns by speaking (or writing) to the Project Manager, or to a member of the Board of Directors.

Volunteers should also be aware of the Health Opportunities Team’s Complaints Policy. A copy is in the Volunteer Handbook.

Health Opportunities Team reserves the right to end a volunteer’s placement if we believe that the volunteer has neglected their responsibilities or otherwise behaved unacceptably.