Nike’s Last Day

Nike Oruh (Therapeutic / Counselling Lead)

A short blog by Nike on his last day at HOT.

My journey at HOT began as a sessional worker, delivering sexual health inputs to the local high schools. I was still pursuing my music career at the time, but I fully enjoyed the experience of working with young people helping them to make informed choices.

A year or so later, a post for ‘young men’s project worker’ was advertised. I had been thinking about returning to Dietetics, but my experience and enjoyment of working with the Health Opportunities Team made me look into the post, and I decided to ‘go for it’!

The following years saw me change numerous roles, schools, locations, all the while gaining experience and learning new skills. I’ve given talks, delivered stalls, been Oot ‘n’ about doing street work – I even ran the half marathon

Fond Memories

Some of my fondest memories were delivering the ‘Feel Good’ groups. Working with young people, helping them to become more active and develop their self-esteem. 

Through the years, we did fun runs; held BBQ’s and even went on a residential to Biggar!

Within the organisation, I have been a lead worker for the Substance Use project, as well as running the sexual and emotional health drop-ins in Craigmillar & Portobello. 

Personal Growth

I believe my time at HOT has helped me to develop into a reflective, thoughtful and processed worker.

HOT also facilitated me to pursue my counselling interest, and study for my post-graduate diploma in counselling and psychotherapy.

Progression From project worker to counselling lead

In my final years at HOT, I transition from Senior Project worker to Therapeutic /Counselling lead at Edinburgh College (I leave HOT to become the Clinical Lead at Napier University)

This partnership between HOT & Edinburgh College was an exciting opportunity to progress my counselling work, providing students with brief therapy across four campuses, and establish a successful partnership.

Tools for life

The tools and experience I have received from HOT will stay with me forever. I feel privileged to have worked alongside so many amazing individuals and be a part of so many young people’s lives.

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” 

 A.A. Milne, The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh

All the Best