Meet The Team

We are an independent community-based project committed to improving the social, emotional and sexual well-being of young people.

Meet The Team

niki powers manager

Niki Powers
Managing Director

Honest and upfront + Excellent mentor + Creative problem solver +
Caring and inspiring  +
Kind and compassionate +
Warmth + The desire to inform and empower the team + Make staff feel valued + Good leader and communicator 

I'm a good Managing Director because:
  • I have good communication skills
  • I am assertive
  • I can reflect on my own behaviour honestly and make changes when I want or need to improve
  • I am open minded
  • I have a positive "can do" attitude
  • I have lots of good ideas
  • I always try to do the right thing even when it's difficult
  • I care about people (young people and the team).

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Caroline Fraser - Deputy Manager

Caroline Fraser
Deputy Manager

Communicator + Good listener + Empathic + Supportive + Determined + Helpful
I'm a good Deputy Manager because:
  • I believe in young people and in HOT’s work
  • I support and help the team to work with young people
  • I listen to people so that they feel heard, respected and understood
  • I support the team to reflect on their practice, problem solve and develop their ideas
  • I am assertive and honest
  • I pay attention to detail and see the bigger picture
  • I am organised and processed

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Lisa Senior Project WorkerLisa Balfe
Senior Project Worker

Organised + Team Player + Commitment + Resourceful + Listens + Warm + Bring out the best in people
I am a good Senior Project Worker because:
  • I think of others
  • I see the bigger picture
  • I am open minded
  • I am understanding
  • I am a good problem solver
  • I am hardworking
  • I am supportive
  • I am self-aware

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Nike Senior Project Worker

Nike Oruh 
Senior Project Worker

Focused + Calm + Positive + Creative

I am a good Senior Project Worker because:

  • I listen

  • I care about people,

  • I am warm and reflective

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Karen Office Manager

Karen Sutherland
Office Manager

Hard working  + Calm  + Wise + Supportive  + Focuse + Patient  + Thoughtful + Knowledgable

I am a good Office Manager because:

  • I am good at problem - solving
  • I am organised
  • I keep calm under pressure
  • I pay attention to detail
  • I am logical
  • I don't give up easily

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zoe project worker

Zoe Clarke
Project Worker

Thoughtful + Positive + Passionate + Reflective + Funny + Hardworking + Kind + Proactive

I am a good Project Worker because:

  • I am good at listening

  • I am very organised

  • I am calm and relaxed

  • I am motivated

  • I care about young people

  • I am creative and crafty

  • I am dedicated to my work.

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Andy Project Worker

Andy Porteous
Project Worker

Energetic + Hardworking + Creative + Kind + Helpful + Friendly + Enthusiastic
+ Cheerful + Approachable + Fun + Great Energy + Warm + Good Ideas

I am a good Project Worker because: 

  • I care about young people

  • I am hardworking

  • I never give up

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Eilidh MacIver Project Worker

Eilidh MacIver
Project Worker

Hard-working + Calm+ Wise + Supportive + Focused + Patient + Thoughtful + Knowledgable Approachable + Easy going +  Calm + Honest + Imaginative + Good sense of humour + Thoughtful + Empathetic

I am a good project worker because I am:

  • Gentle
  • Warm
  • Friendly
  • Relaxed
  • Willing to get involved in what’s going on
  • Smart and brave
  • Calm
  • I have a warm and calm personality
  • Reflective and thoughtful in my contribution and feedback
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paula project worked

Paula Ferguson
Project Worker

Warm + Kind + Funny + Hardworking + Refective + Down to earth + Approachable
I am a good project worker because:
  • I care greatly about young people and their wellbeing
  • I am a strong communicator
  • I have a good sense of humour
  • I am very conscientious
  • I am a hard worker
  • I love being part of a team
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Avesha - Project Worker

Avesha DeWolfe
Project Worker

Supportive + Understanding + Thoughtful + Calm +Warm + Reflective +  Friendly + Knowledgeable + Observant + Creative Energetic + Compassionate + Grounded + Considerate

I am a good project worker because:

  • I am interested and enjoy working with young people.
  • I like to learn from the people I work with.
  • I try my hardest.
  • I can be flexible and adaptable.
  • I know some stuff.
  • I can think on my feet.
  • I am a creative problem solver.
  • I am so happy to be at HOT 
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