HOT Topics

Dealing with Pressure

Be Different!
It's OK to say no and do something different to your mates

Think about what you want to say to someone who is pressuring you.

Be Honest
Tell whoever is putting pressure on you what you are thinking. Try to be honest.

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Get Healthy

Get Balanced
Quite simply, we are what we eat. The key word is 'balance', if we get
this bit right, our bodies will be in harmony. Try to have your 5 fruit and veg a day.

Don't skip breakfast!
After going overnight without food, your energy reserves are low and
your body, and perhaps, more importantly, your brain needs fuel.

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Great Nights Out

Get Ready 
Blast those tunes out!

Plan your night
What to wear? Where to go? What you're going to do?

Have a Munch!
Don't go out on an empty stomach. If a drink is part of your plan - take it easy.

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Get confidence!

What do you want? 
Think about how you feel when you do what YOU want. No doubt you feel in control, confident and calmer.

Be your own best mate
What advice would you give a mate if they were feeling pressured? Take some of your own advice!

You are important 
Try and do things which make you feel good about yourself and boost your confidence.

Try acting more confident in different situations.

Food Vs Mood

Did you know that eating certain types of food can make you feel calmer and help you to think clearer? Food can also make you more energetic and give you a positive outlook on things. The food we eat can not only be good for our health but also good for our mood. Here are our Top Ten Tips to help you feel better! Read more