HOT is moving home!

car with boxing on the roof -  moving home

HOT is moving home!. We will soon be on the move to a recently refurbished building in Craigmillar. We want to create an amazingly warm, colourful and trauma-informed space for local young people.  We are looking for donations – can you help?

What we Need

Colourful paint
Flooring (carpet/laminate)
Materials for activities
Art therapy supplies (acrylic and watercolour paint, paintbrushes, card and paper, model clay, pastels, glitter, print + linocut tools, boxes for coping, colouring pens and books, gems and feathers, beads and materials.
10 digital cameras 
20 yoga mats 
Heart rate monitors 
5 weighted blankets 
Gardening equipment (planting containers, bird feeders, plants, bulbs, flowers, trowels and forks, benches, tables and storage boxes).
Interlocking gym mats 
Audiovisual equipment (smart board and projector with audio).
10 iPad tablets 
Furniture for YP spaces (drop-in and group work)
Lockable art storage cabinet.
Relaxed seating
Bean Bags
Soft furnishings (cushions, rugs colour boxes, curtains, picture frames, soft blankets)
Leaflet dispensers
Essential oils and diffuser.
Small bean bags – set of 32.
Storage cabinets.
Tangle fidget toys 
Sensory light cubes (4 pack).
Body massage sensory bag (mixed massagers, brushes and other sensory items).