Food Vs Mood

Food Vs Mood? Did you know that eating certain types of food can make you feel calmer and help you to think clearer? Food can also make you more energetic and give you a positive outlook on things. The food we eat can not only be good for our health but also good for our mood.

Here are our Top Ten Tips to help you feel better! 

  1. Eating smaller portions of food can keep your blood sugar up and helps you from crashing or feeling low.
  2. You could try lots of different fruit and veg. Different colours are good for you in different ways.
  3. Water can help your body work properly.
  4. Some fats are good for you – Cheese, milk, yoghurt, nuts, seeds and fish. It’s good for your brain and can make you feel better.
  5. Protein found in meat, fish, cheese, eggs, peas, beans lentils, seeds and nuts. It could help you think more clearly.
  6. Try not to have to have caffeine late at night. You could try a camomile tea instead of a coffee.
  7. Try swapping crisps and sugary snacks for veggies and dips.
  8. Eating things high in fibre can be good for your gut and your brain.
  9. Try to eat breakfast. Porridge would keep you full until lunchtime.
  10. Mix it up a bit and try new things. You never know you might find something new you really like.

If you have any questions about how food can affect your mood you could email us for advice.
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