Have a Fantastic Christmas and a Safe, Happy New Year!

Have a Fantastic Christmas and a Safe, Happy New Year!

Have a Fantastic Christmas and a Safe, Happy New Year! /

Sparklers write out 2018

Here at HOT, we are winding down now for the festive break.

First of all, I’ve been thinking about what I wish could happen for all young people over Christmas and new year:

I wish you can all be safe and warm and happy and cared for,
I wish you can all have fun,
I wish you can all get on with your families and friends,
Even if you don’t get many pressies I wish that you can just appreciate being with people who care about you.

That’s just some of what I wish for you.  I do know that a lot of people don’t have a good time over the festive season – they may be struggling with money and not be able to afford presents, they may be homeless  and cold and wet, they may not be able to spend time with their families, or they may find Christmas and new year difficult because of their own or someone else’s substance use. If you are in any of these situations there are always places to go for help.  It can help to talk to someone you trust.

Next year we will be launching our new Business Plan

If you don’t like reading long boring plans we’ve made a short version (on one page) which is quick and easy to read :).  We will also be finishing the new Drop-in makeover – you can come along and see how it looks.

2018 is ‘The Year of Young People’…

and we aim to celebrate ALL young people. We will work with other agencies to do everything we can to make it the best!!

The team here at HOT want to wish you a very happy Christmas and a safe and fun new year!

We’re looking forward to working with you in  2018!!

Niki P