Aims & Objectives

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Key Information

96% of young people said our groups and sessions made them think and/or they learned something new.

87% of young people who had completed our Turn Around Therapeutic 1-1 support showed a decrease in their distress levels.

90% of young people participating in groups and 1-1 support reported positive changes such as understanding themselves better, feeling calmer and not getting so angry.

100% of referrers noticed positive changes in young people they had referred.


Our Objectives

  • Agency growth - taking the time and space needed to grow our capacity to meet the needs of young people.

  • Develop our services - to become a centre of excellence for trauma-informed practice.

  • Generate income - to meet the need of young people and diversify our funding sources.

  • Resource development - ongoing review and development of our training and support resources.

  • Keeping skilled staff - to deliver and maintain our high-quality work.

  • Increase social media use - improve our use of technology to improve our communication with young people and partners.

  • Seek a permanent sponsor/patron - strengthen our fundraising and/or be selected as a charity of the year.


Our Impact

Your support can make a huge impact on the lives of young people and is invaluable to the continuing work we do at HOT.

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