When young people suffer, talking helps, we listen, things can get better

Health Opportunities Team

What do we do?

We deliver a variety of learning and development opportunities that are freely available for young people to access in schools, the community on the streets and our Drop-ins.

Why we do what we do

Young people are at the heart of everything all of our work. We believe that everyone should be treated with respect and embraced for who they are. We want to support young people to be the best they can be.

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The Drop-ins

The Health Opportunities Team runs three health drop-ins every week, for young people aged 12 – 25 years old. They are based at Portobello, Gilmerton, and Craigmillar.

We safe spaces for young people to gain information and advice about all aspects of their well-being.

Tell Us Your Problem

We know that asking for support can be one of the hardest things to do, so we will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and safe.

Feel Good Groups for 
Young Woman & Men

Get fit and feel confident and improve your self-esteem…

Nae Worries

We run a group called ‘Nae Worries’ which aims to provide young people with ways to manage and cope with their anxiety. If you would like to find out more about coming along to this group, email us:


Nae Worries group
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Email Support Service

If you need help now or know anyone who does, you can email us for advice or make an appointment for one of our Drop-ins:

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