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The feel good factor

The Feel Good group is a fitness/emotional health group. The Feel Good Volunteers play an important role in supporting the development and delivery of the Feel Good Groups.

There are additional opportunities to contribute to the on-going development of the Group and in nurturing the potential of young people in terms of facilitating young people to participate in community and fundraising activities and supporting young people into Peer Educators.

Specific roles include:

  • Being a role model to young people who attend the Group
  • Supporting promotional activities to recruit young people into the Group
  • Taking part in physical activities
  • Ensuring the refreshment is prepared for the Group
  • Ensuring young people respect the confidential nature of the service and also know the limitations of this confidentiality
  • Supporting the planning and delivery of physical activities and emotional health group work sessions.
  • Signposting young people to information and other services
  • Reviewing and evaluating each session with consultation workers

The Feel Good Group Volunteer will always be supported by a member of staff during the delivery of the Group.